About Berrington Press

We are an established family run printing firm specialising in letterpress and hot foil printing. Based in the Welsh Marches on the very edge of rural Herefordshire, we combine traditional craft skill with creative expertise, and our lovingly restored vintage presses with an extensive range of speciality papers and boards to create beautiful quality printed products.

About us

In 1959 UK postcodes were introduced, the first Mini went on sale and Barbie doll made her debut. Also in 1959 David Wood began a craft apprenticeship in printing, gaining valuable skills in compositing and letterpress printing methods. At that time letterpress was still the most widely used and acknowledged method of printing, and for over 50 years David kept printing!

As daughters of a printer both Rachel and Sarah have spent a lifetime around print with a childhood punctuated by helping dad collate and stitch jobs and playing with wooden type and print blocks. As grown ups Rachel’s interests lay in business management and promotion with qualifications in accountancy and small business management, and over the years has taken on the role of Business Manager. Younger sister Sarah pursued a lifelong passion for art and design resulting in a BA (Hons) degree in Photography specialising in fine art imagery, and has since completed a craft apprenticeship in letterpress print methods with dad David, along with creating the Berrington Press stationery brand Osity.

Berrington Press is a family firm, started by David in 1984 after moving with his wife and young daughters from Lancashire to Herefordshire. Over the years the business evolved and adapted to keep pace with the contemporary print industry. From printing with metal type to offset lithography, new technologies and changes within the trade came in quick succession creating fierce competition. After many years of successfully navigating the highs and lows of commercial printing David began to contemplate retirement and what he would do in his twilight years. Being a printer of the old school and having ink in his blood he found he couldn’t give up printing entirely and turned his attention to renovating vintage presses in a bid to preserve the craft that he had learned many years ago. Three renovated machines later, plus an apprentice printer in the form of daughter Sarah, Berrington Press came full circle. With a revived interest in “doing it the old fashioned way” the craft of letterpress printing has been enjoying a marked revival in recent years and by drawing on David’s craft skills as a printer and vast experience of the print industry which he has passed on to his clever and creative two daughters Berrington Press has forged a new future from it’s own heritage. With this unique blend of skill, experience, creativity and knowledge Berrington Press are keeping the craft of traditional printing alive well into the 21st century.

Above all we are a jobbing press – please contact us with your requirements.


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